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Secret Discovery for Great Italian Food at Miky's Restaurant in Monterosso Italy

"Miky's charming Italian eatery is packed with well tailored locals who know their seafood...but do not want to spend a fortune. A proud and hardworking family runs this unique eatery specializing in authentic Italian Food. All the pasta is cooked normally but finished in a wood-fire oven to keep in the aroma. Miky's is well known for it's excellent wine list."

By: Tom Ellerbe

Monterosso al one of 5 villages located in the Northern Cinque Terre region known as the Italian version of the French Riviera.

Miky's is located in the northern part of Monterosso on Via Fegina overlooking the Ligurian Sea...just 100 meters from the local train station located across from the beach area. The place is always packed with well-tailored locals and visitors who are always looking for great food in a classy environment for affordable prices. There is an excellent wine list with over 250 selections to choose from.

The Defina family runs the restaurant. Chef Miky, along with his wife Simonetta and daughter Sara, devote themselves to creating a superb dining experience. Sara is also an excellent pastry chef.

The staff always includes a professional group of personnel who can speak English, French and German and are great at making their guests feel comfortable and at home in this exciting Italian eatery. This is a very popular destination for German tourist who like to hike the trails in Cinque Terre.

Entering the charming trattoria, you are greeted with the aromas of the local specialties cooking in wood-fire ovens. At Miky's you can try a wide variety of appetizers...homemade pasta, fish, lobsters, fresh shellfish...all prepared in traditional Ligurian style, in wood-burning ovens.

Miky's is famous for their unique local specialties: risotto with prawns or linguine with lobster...Cooked in earthen pots, covered with a thin layer of pasta and put into the big oven in the main room where it is cooked. In the same wood-burning oven, Miky cooks another unique favorite...the "shell" with trenette alla pescatrice...made of pizza like dough and cooked separately. This is a delightful experience as you break the crust and discover a true Ligurian delight.

You must finish a perfect meal with an original traditional dessert "the Sciacchetra cake"...a mousse with lemon and zeppole. You can also try their mixed sampler plate "dolce mista". It is wise to have reservations during the high tourist season (May through September). Miky's is located at Via Fegina 104, Monterosso, Italy.

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