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May 2012

Moscow - Russia

Saint Basil Church - Moscow


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Welcome to Italo, Europe's newest train
Chicago Tribune
Check for deals when you plan a trip. Rail Europe ( is selling tickets, or your travel agent can arrange it for you. Italo has just started operations, and it currently operates two daily round trips over Italy's high-speed ...

Europeandebt crisis: what does it mean for your holiday euros?
Photo: PA By Emma Simon Holidaymakers jetting off toEuropethis summer should see their spending moneygofurther. But many who have booked holidays in Greece are concerned about how an exit from the eurozone could hit their holiday plans.

Seniors on theGo: ShouldEurope'slatest 'crisis' deter you?
Chicago Tribune
I'm writing this column inEurope, where the headlines are full of "crisis" talk about a possible economic "collapse." The talk has escalated lately after last week's elections in which both French and Greek voters seemed to be saying "enough,...



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