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Travel Europe

Edinburg Castle


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If you see a summertraveldeal, grab it now
Fares to Europe are terrible -- more than $1400 roundtripto places such as Barcelona, Spain; Rome, and Amsterdam, Netherlands; you might as wellflyto Honolulu instead ($1067). To save money, travelers should look for summer packagetripsthat..

Europe Travel: What's new for 2012 vacations
Rick Steves Special to the Star What doesn't change aboutEuropeis that it's always changing. WhileEurope'seconomy may be undergoing turbulence in 2012, positive changes are also in the air—making this year a good time to touch down in these...

Airfare Expert: How to shop for summer flights toEurope
Not coincidentally, these are in the 4 of the 5 cheapest destination countries ofEurope— Germany is the fifth. If that doesn't work for you, make one of the less expensive cities yourEuropehub thenflyto your must-see city on one of the continent...


One of the most cost Effective ways to stay in touch when travelling abroad is the....

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