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June 2013

Majestic Ireland 

Poulanass Waterfall - Wicklow Mountains in Majestic Ireland - by Aleeno Lois



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Top European destinations for 2013 -
Paris and Rome are lovely this time of year, but they're also packed with summer travelers.

Three Updated Travel Tools for a Trip to Europe
Gone are the days when backpacking aroundEuropefor several months meant little more than buying a Eurail pass, a guidebook, and quick-dry underwear. Even a weeklongtriprequires more preparation than that, but luckily technology can make it all so...

Coming to Europe this summer -- jellyfish
Lots of unpleasant things can keep us out of the ocean, ruining an otherwise enjoyable beach holiday. Perhaps no sea creature makes swimmers quite so paranoid as jellyfish -- “gelatinous macrozooplankton” if you really want to make yourself feel...

When in Europe, try to speak the local language
When inEurope, try to speak the local language. English is widely spoken these days inEurope, but it's still worth learning a bit of the native language even if you mangle it, saysEuropeantravelspecialist Rick Steves


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