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June 2011



 Milan - Italy


Motoring in Eastern Europe

And don't assume that all eastern European countries have the same rules and regulations…


Europe Will Rise Again

Despite the backdrop of the “European sovereign debt crisis "when you look at it day-to-day, things are actually better in the industrial businesses in Europe.


Is the Era of Cheap Airfare Ending

Budget Travel The latest sign that inexpensive airfares are on the wane is that, according to a Wall Street Journal blog post, Ryanair, the leading discount carrier in Europe if not all the world, is raising ticket prices by 12 percent. ...


Top Beaches in Europe

The top 8 beaches in Europe you need to know about this summer…


Avoid Credit Card Problems Abroad  

Like many Americans who have tried to use their credit cards in Europe, Elliot E. Porter, a historian from San Francisco, has encountered his share of payment headaches


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