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August 2011


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Life's a picnic for some travelers

For a tasty and culturally enriching lunch, have a picnic when traveling in Europe recommends European travel guru Rick Steves. By Rick Steves Why would one of your favorite meals in France be a picnic with SWISS cheese? Miss. ...


Travel vaccinations

“But nobody thinks about it when they go to Europe.” The thinking is similar, he said, for other popular destinations, including Mexico and parts of Central America. “There's not a perception that you need to go and get a bunch of shots if you're going ..


Europe not a budget breaker

Go in spring, fall or winter: The US dollar, which has lost value over the past year in Europe, was recently trading at $1 to 0.71 euros and 0.62 British pounds. That makes peak-season summer trips even more costly. You can save hundreds by going ...


Buy too too much

Just ask anyone who bought a ticket in January or February, or even early spring, for travel this summer to Europe and many US destinations. "The fares on many routes for summer travel dropped from what the airlines were charging in winter and early ...


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